calloway golf clubs
calloway golf clubs

Certified Preowned Callaway Golf Clubs, The official source for certified preowned calloway golf products offers consumers two options:

1. Buy a certified preowned calloway golf club

2. Trade an older model calloway golf club for a new club or certified preowned club.

Buy is the exclusive authorized destination to purchase certified preowned calloway golf clubs. offers a full line of calloway golf clubs, ranging from the hickory stick in 1982 to the ERC II in 2000.

Every certified preowned calloway golf club comes with a certificate of authenticity and a comprehensive limited warranty ensuring that is the smartest place to buy preowned calloway golf clubs. click here

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The "Trade In, Trade Up" program offers consumers the ability to trade used calloway golf clubs for new calloway golf clubs at participating retailers or for certified preowned clubs.

Trade for *new* calloway golf clubs
Calloway golf customers may trade in their used calloway golf clubs for new calloway golf clubs and simply pay the difference between the price of the new club and the price of the traded club. this program is currently only available at selected edwin watts and golfsmith stores around the country. for a list of eligible product and prices, view the callaway golf trading card. click here

Trade for a certifed preowned calloway golf club
Current owners of calloway golf products may use this site to trade their older model products for a certified preowned calloway golf club. click here

Two steps
Purchase a calloway golf certified preowned golf club from the site. place the order number on the trade in form when you send us your older model golf club.

Your order for the purchased club will ship immediately, and we will mail you a check for the traded club within five business days of receipt of your club. for more information, please click to start trading or click for rules and directions. click here